Urtim - Mission & Vision


Is becoming one of the world's three leading formwork-scaffolding manufacturers.


Is to continuously and noticeably increase the value we create for our customers, employees, the society and the environment by utilizing our influence, agility and organizational efficiency.


Setting strategies to be adopted for the execution of its vision and mission. URT M also defined binding corporate values that all employees shall abide by. These core values, indispensable for URTİM employees at all levels, have become a way of life and way of doing business for all employees of the company.

Our customers

  • -are the focus of all our operations and efforts.
  • -We always strive to satisfy our customers above and beyond their expectations.
  • -We are honest, courteous, helpful, solution oriented and always pleasant.
  • -We treat to our customers how we want to be treated.
  • -Employer health and safety is our primary priority, we move with this professionalism and awareness nf act.

The most important element for us is the human factor

  • - We value individuals and invest continuously in human resources.
  • - Our quality is driven and ensured by our employees.
  • - Every team member is driven primarily by a quest for quality.
  • - We understand the importance of delegating responsibilities.
  • - We encourage our employees to use initiative.
  • - We believe in the creative and productive powers of motivation and strive to generate such an environment.
  • - We believe that each member of URTİM is a leader in his/her field and the best at what he/she does.

Team work

  • - We believe in effective team work and open lines of communication. We do not compromise these principles.
  • - Team members from the CEO to the lowest ranking personnel and all institutions we work with as one unit to realize the vision.
  • - The effective team work of the company is strengthened by collaboration, mutual trust and respect.

Continuous progress...

  • - We maintain the quality of our services by constantly improving ourselves rather than maintaining the status quo.
  • - Investing in our people and technology to achieve continuous progress is an inseparable element of our policy.
  • - Our primary duty is to sustain a high level of quality while constantly improving the quality of our products and services.
  • - Our approach to improving quality is proactive; we strive to identify the needs and expectations of our customers and address them even before thev are voiced by the customers.

Social responsibilities...

  • - We exert every effort to be beneficial to society, the environment and humanity.
  • - We are confident that our exemplary work will promote good will within the construction sector and the entire countrv.