SCAFSET- C Cuplock Scaffolding System

Cup-Lock Scaffolding System is composed of vertical and horizontal components.

For the connection made to cups, no connection component is required. Connection is made with cast heading which prevents buckling.

It can be assembled and disassembled with a single hammer strike. Because connection component is not utilized, workmanship and cost is saved.

It can be settled securely at desired height and width.

Vertical Components have 6 ton carrying capacity when it is connected to horizontal components with 0,5 meter spacing.

Steel Decks are produced with perforated surface for safety.

Steel Decks have special connection hook for safe assembling.

Welded by robots.

Connectors are assembled to vertical components.

Cup-Lock Scaffolding System is used for carrying slabs or as a facade operational scaffolding.

Technical Documents