EUROSCAF Working Scaffolding

Euroscaf Facade Scaffolding System is composed of frames, horizontal-digonal components, platforms and toeboards.

Frames are produced with 48.3 x 3 mm pipes according to the norms TS-EN 12810 and 12811.

Frame connection component is riveted, not welded.

Circular welds are carried out as fully welded by automatic welding robots.

With wall connection components, it can be installed securely until 102 m height.

In every stage steel platforms, provides secure working environments.

With stair component, the top floors are reached easily.

Steel Decks are produced with perforated surface for safety.

Steel Decks have special connection hook for safe assembling.

Facade Scaffolding System is used as worldng scaffold in facades.Apart from Standard Facade Scaffolding, Flanged Scaffolding and CupLock Scaffolding Systems. EURCBDAF Facade Scaffolding System which we developed can be used as facade scaffolding.

  • Standard Facade Scaffolding System
  • Hanged Facade Scaffolding System
  • Cuplock Facade Scaffolding System
  • EUROSCAF Facade Scaffolding System

Technical Documents