Frameset Column Panel Formwork System is composed of special 120x60 mm closed cross-section imported profiles. The system has a permissible fresh concrete pressure of 80 kN/m2.

With FS multi panels, any required square and rectangular sizes can be obtained with 5 cm adjustment interval

Production of panels is carried out on a fully automated robotic line.

Fast formwork circulation by carrying the panels with crane.

Ready to use panels.

No pre-assembly process.

Lockable panels at every point with easy clamping system.

Lower labour cost for erecting and distmantling.

Panels can be used both horizontally and vertically, this way any required size can be obtained.

Panels are interlocked with a single hammer blow using a speacial connection clamp.

Cast-steel corners simplify the striking and protect panels against impacts by jacks, hammers etc.