SCAFSET- C Heavy Loading Tower

For different heights, fast and easy mounting and formwork disassembly is possible with only 4 type framework component.

Frames are produced by robots. System is dipping paintsd and also hot dip galvanizing is possible upon request.

When it is utilized as Table Formwork System, it can be used as dismounted until the end of project.

Has high loading capacity. Strength is 55 kN for each vertical supports.

During the building of formwork, by building tables with large dimensions, time and material lengths are saved.

After the project is resolved by our technical team, the most suitable material quantities are sorted out, it is delivered with scaffold location plan and profiles and technical support is provided in applications.

Heavy Loading Scaffolding System is composed of diagonal connection components which connect main frame component and framework.

System is used for 3 different purposes.

Table Formwork System

Heavy Loading Tower

Stair Tower

Technical Documents