PROPSET Adjustable Prop System

It is used for carrying slabs.

It can be applied to any kind of slabs having different geometry.

It can be adjusted in order to work in various grades.

Depending on tiie load of existing slab load, Propset Adjustable Props can be increased or decreased to achieve optimum solution.

Comparing with conventional formwork system, it is possible to coat with less workmanship in shorter time. Compared with conventional formwork, it offers more economical solution in the long term.

Props were tested with mechanical tests and have SO kN strength.

System is dipping painted and also hot dip galvanizing is possible upon request.

PROPSET Adjustable Prop System offers a flexible solution as being carrier far slabs. The main component of system are props.

The system is completed with auxiliary components like tripode, U head, Four-Ways Head.

Technical Documents