SCAFSET- C Stacking Tower

Stacking Tower System is installed practically witii intertwining of H components each other. Welded by robots.

n order to install Stacking Tower System, there are no need parts like accessories vs. With this reason, the installation, disassembly and stocking are easy.

Due to accessories preparation will not be carried out and the tower can be installed by a single worker, time and workmanship is saved.

Tower spaces are determined with statical calculation according to the project.

To rise 1 meter, 4 H Components are needed.

Because, H Components are located as tusk tenon, system escalates by interlocking inside, therefore the strength of system is high [2CXD kN/tower load capacity]

After installation towers can be transported with hunian power or crane.

System is dipping painted and also hot dip galvanizing is possible upon request.

In case of transporting with crane, for security, base-head spindles are fixed to scaffold system and desired rigidity is sustained with diagonal components.

Stacking Tower System is a practical formwork system for shoring. It is used with the purpose of carrying the slabs and installed in the form of tower. This system is composed of Base-Head Frame, H Components and Spindles.

Technical Documents