Woodset Column Formwork System comprises 4 main components; plywood, wooden girders, adjustable column waler and adjustable corner component. Woodset Column Formwork is a flexible sytem which can be adapted to different projects with different loads.

With 2 different adjustable column walers (115 cm and 145 cm) and corner components, all column sizes can be obtained between 20/20 and 100/100 with 5 cm increment.

Different sizes and strength values can be obtained by adjusting wooden girders and steel walers.

Pre-assembled panels are moved with crane without distmantling from the beginning to end resulting reduction in labour cost and time.

Permissible fresh concrete pressure is 90 kN/m2 for columns having up to 10 meters of. Statical analysis is required before system is designed for higher columns.

Apart from standard sizes, lower or higher panels can be created by finishing the plywood at a lower height and using connection accessories for wooden girders.

Production of steel components is carried out on a fully automated robotic line.

Powder coating is used for corrosion protection. Hot dip galvanizing is alternatively available upon request.

Technical Documents